The Walking Dead's The Hunters Storyline Confirmed As Terminus' Inspiration

Hunters Walking Dead

While many suspected that The Walking Dead's current Terminus storyline would borrow heavily from the comic books, the show's producers have finally confirmed it.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Executive Producer Gale Hurd revealed that the sadistic group plaguing Rick Grimes is indeed based off of the Hunters. The Hunters were a pack of cannibals from the comic book series that gave Rick's group plenty of trouble following their prison exodus.

As Hurd told the newspaper: "They were inspiration from the comic book. What’s interesting about it is that they didn’t start that way. It’s a traumatized group that essentially adopted a code that said ‘You’re either the cattle or you’re the people who slaughter the cattle. You can’t be the middle anymore."

This reveal certainly backs up other producer's remarks that Season 5 would be the most faithful to the comic series yet.

Season Five's second episode, "Strangers," airs next Sunday on AMC.