The X-Files, Lucifer Give Fox Great Ratings Night

The X-Files

Fox has had a great couple of nights in the ratings, on the backs of the unlikely combination of Football, a 90s throwback, and the devil.

The NFC Championship game did huge for the network despite it being a blow-out Sunday night, with 45 million viewers tuning in for the Carolina Panthers dominant victory. That led to incredible ratings for the premiere of the new mini-series of The X-Files, with a 6.1 rating and 16.2 million viewers tuning in Sunday night. For those wondering why Fox premiered the show on the back of an NFL football game, um, that should explain it nicely.

Monday's second episode of The X-Files naturally fell without the lead-in, but did a very strong 3.2 rating in the key demographic, with 9.7 million viewers. FOX, of course, has decided this year to no longer use same-day ratings as their in-company tracking, though, so the Live +3 and Live +7 will be much more important to them.


Lucifer, the DC Comics based show about the devil abandoning Hell to be a private detective and bar manager in LA, hit a 2.4 rating and 7.2 million viewers, making it #2 on the night, behind only X-Files.