There's a Designer Dark Knight Trilogy Watch

Diesel has designed, and is selling at a price of $325 apiece, a custom run of 5,000 watches designed with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy in mind.

Here's how they describe the watch, which is available while supplies last:

"Inspired by the Batmobile Tumbler, The Dark Knight Rises’ Batman-inspired timeframe features a black silicone strap with tank-like treads. The Batman logo is printed on the layered chronograph dial and carved into the oversized crown. Like the Bat-Signal against the sky, an LED white light creates a cool contrast to the matte black IP plated case. Each of the 5,000 produced are numbered."

In addition to being designed with the Tumbler in mind, the black, rubberized band of the watch certainly looks like something out Chris Nolan's Batman wardrobe.

Of course, you'd probably have to be Bruce Wayne to feel good about dropping over $300 on a Batman watch when there are literally dozens of other ones you could snag online for less than twenty bucks.