Thrillbent To Digitally Publish Top Shelf's Motorcycle Samurai

Earlier today Thrillbent announced that it has launched Top Shelf's Motorcycle Samurai on its subscription platform.

Originally released in 2013, Chris Sheridan's first foray into digital comics challenged what was being done in the medium at that time and helped to inspire pioneering work by Thrillbent and others.

The release marks the first time Thrillbent has made another publisher's work part of its monthly subscription package.

"We have one singular goal at Thrillbent: to be the home of diverse, quality content that truly maximizes the benefits of the digital platform," said Thrillbent founder Mark Waid. "Chris Sheridan's masterpiece certainly fits the bill. We will continue to look to supplement our subscription with books from other publishers that meet our standards."

Here's the official write-up for the series:


A grueling desert wasteland, a mysterious stranger bound and hooded on the back of a motorcycle, and a tough-as-nails warrior out to deliver her cargo by any means necessary. The book blends elements of Mad Max and Kill Bill with loose-limbed energetic artwork and a jaw-dropping use of digital panel transitions. Strap in and let's ride!

Motorcycle Samurai, along with all the other content on Thrillbent, is available with the $3.99 monthly subscription available at