Tim Burton Says He Wouldn't Call Beetlejuice 2 A Sequel


After 27 years, the long-awaited follow-up to Beetlejuice may soon be released, according to Tim Burton. While the director wouldn’t call it a comeback, he also wouldn’t call it a sequel either.

While promoting his new film, Big Eyes, Burton updated Yahoo Movies on the status of the next film about the Ghost with the Most.

"There’s a script now, that I think is closer to what it could be and I’m excited about it," Burton explained, referring to a screenplay by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter author Seth Grahame-Smith. “I wouldn’t call it so much a sequel, but it’ll have some characters. It’s a bit too early to say but it’s definitely something that’s on my radar and something I’d love to do.”

Burton’s next film, Big Eyes, opens in theaters Christmas Day.