Titans TV Show Could Be Part Of Arrow And Flash Universe

It was recently reported that a television series based on the DC’s Teen Titans was in the [...]

It was recently reported that a television series based on the DC's Teen Titans was in the works. Though its being produced for TNT and not The CW, The CW President Mark Pedowitz tells Adweek that the show still might take place in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash.

"What you'll see embedded in Flash and Arrow is that we'll have the ability to test characters out. Is there room to grow them into the next show? I cannot tell you yet. There are discussions going on," Pedowitz said.

TNT and The CW are sister channels as part of the Time Warner television family, so there shouldn't be too many legal hangups and getting the shows to make nice in a shared universe. Back in the day, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel had a similar setup going when Buffy moved to UPN and Angel remained on The WB.

The television universe begun in Arrow is already growing at a significant pace, with several new characters already being introduced on the show itself. The show's first spinoff, The Flash, premieres in October and will bring more characters, such as The Atom and Firestorm, to the same television universe. Add to that an entire team of Titans and you've got a shared TV universe to rival that of the DC Animated Universe of old.