Tom Cavanagh Will Return For Season 2 Of The Flash


The season finale of The Flash has just concluded and we are left with so many questions. Thankfully, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has answered some of those puzzling questions.

First up, is that the last we have seen of Tom Cavanagh? Eddie made the ultimate sacrifice in tonight's episode and it ended the reign of terror caused by Reverse-Flash/Dr. Wells/Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) "Tom Cavanagh will continue to be a regular on Flash is all I am prepared to say," Kreisberg told EW.

Okay, so Cavanagh is back, but then again he could show up as the real Dr. Wells and not the fake that Eobard was pretending to be. Does that mean we've seen the last of Reverse-Flash? "On Flash, you’ve never seen the last of anybody, no matter what happens to them," Kreisberg stated.

New episodes of The Flash will air this fall.