Tomorrowland Post-Credits Scene Idea Involved Samuel L. Jackson Joke


Lost and Prometheus screenwriter Damon Lindelof was promoting his upcoming movie Tomorrowland when he revealed a goofy Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers: Age of Ultron) post-credits idea he had proposed to director Brad Bird. It got a good chuckle out of everyone, but that's as far as it went.

"My pitch was that there was going to be a post-credits scene in Tomorrowland and at the very end of the movie, if you watch the credits, there's a pin and you see someone picking it up," Damon Lindelof told IGN. "And the reveal would be that Sam Jackson, wearing an eye patch and holding a lightsaber and he looks sort of befuddled - maybe a Frozone uniform - and he goes 'I'm in this one too?' And bam, cut to black."

Listen to Damon's comments in video below.


Tomorrowland is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on May 22, 2015.