Transformers 4 To be Titled Transformers: Age of Extinction, New Poster Released


Paramount Pictures have released a new teaser poster for Michael Bay's fourth Transformers film, and his last as a director, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

The title seems an obvious nod to the Dinobots, who have long been rumored and recently confirmed by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura as appearing in the franchise.

The characters appeared on the original animated series in the '80s, as well as in a number of other animated, toy and video game incarnations since. Since before the film began, rumors have circulated that they, as well as uber-villain Unicron, would appear in the film; while Unicron has shown no sign of turning up yet, it had become clearer and clearer in recent months that the Dinobots were in the cards.

Recently, a number of subtitles including Transformers: Last Stand, Transformers: Apocalypse and Transformers: Future Cast were bought up as Internet domains, leading many to believe that one of those would be the film's official title. While they sound somewhat close to Age of Extinction, it seems they may have been discarded titles registered to throw people off, or perhaps they'll be used for tie-ins like toys and games.