Transformers Coming Home To Cartoon Network

Next week The Hub is going to be rebranded as Discovery Family, control of the network has shifted and so, say Deadline, have their upcoming programming plans. Though Hasbro are staying onboard with Discovery Family and do own a big stake in the network, they've decided that their new Transformers series, Robots in Disguise, should go to Cartoon Network instead.

It's a homecoming for the Autobots, who used to have a residency at Cartoon Network in the pre-Hub era.The show is a sequel to Transformers Prime, with Bumblebee leading a group of rogue Autobots on a mission to save Earth. There's going to be a lot of new Decepticons in the show, the better to fill toy store racks, and the existing characters, including Bumblebee, have had something of a makeover.


Robots in disguise will kick off in the Spring. Here's a teaser video. Is it just me or does the stuff with the human kid have a faint tinge of The Iron Giant about it?