How To Make An Edible Tron Glow Pie

If you're a sci-fi fan who also has a sweet tooth, a new step-by-step baking tutorial might be right up your alley.

The channel Pies are Awesome, which also recently made a Valentines Day-inspired Death Star pie, has shared a video showing the process of making an Edible Tron Glow Pie. Inspired by the cult 80s franchise - which was most recently in the public eye thanks to 2010's Tron: Legacy - the elaborate treat is as as detailed and awesome as you would think.

The two-minute video, which is scored by an Tron-esque 80s soundtrack, shows the efforts that go into creating the treat. The baker takes an already-complete pie and adds a futuristic design to its crust, complete with a replica of the Tron logo.

As the name of the dessert suggests, the pie utilizes a unique mixture to help make the pie's crust actually glow in the dark - under some sort of blacklight. As the website explains, this is done through a completely edible mixture of Tonic water and vegan gelatin. If you're wondering what that would end up tasting like, the baker reports that it tastes "like grapefruit jello."

Pies Are Awesome's mission statement is to "reclaim pies for geeks." In addition to their Tron and Star Wars endeavors, the channel has made treats inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Super Mario, and the Marvel hero Gambit. The site also offers stencil templates that bakers can purchase, to help them make these intricate and nerdy designs themselves.

If you're impressed - and hungry - after watching this video, you can subscribe to the Pies Are Awesome channel, as well as follow their Instagram @thePieous.