Trump Tower Is a Pokemon GO Gym

Pokemon GO, Nintendo's new 'augmented reality' mobile app, uses landmarks and other local places [...]


Pokemon GO, Nintendo's new "augmented reality" mobile app, uses landmarks and other local places of interests as Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops. When players travel to gyms, they can battle players from one of three opposing teams for control of the monument, gaining XP and prestige. However, there's one New York City gym that some players might not want to visit: the gym at Trump Tower.

Like many other famous skyscrapers in New York City, Trump Tower is tagged as a Pokemon Gym. That means players can use their Pokemon to attack Donald Trump's 58 story skyscraper and leave one of their top Pokemon to defend it once the gym is under their control. Here's what Trump Tower looks like in Pokemon GO:

#Trump Tower is a Pokemon Gym. #PokemonGoi

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Of course, even if players win Trump Tower, they won't be able to evict the building's most famous resident, who lives on a penthouse suite on the top floor. Who knows, maybe the presumptive Republican presidential nominee already has the tower's gym locked down with Pokemon that only a billionaire could buy. There's no word on what sort of Pokemon hang out around Trump Tower, but we doubt Nintendo included any Yungoos, one of Pokemon Sun and Moon's new Pokemon that looks suspiciously like the ex-Celebrity Apprentice star.

Pokemon GO is out for the US, Australia and New Zealand.