Twin Peaks Cast Discusses Remarkable Return

The return of Twin Peaks, getting a new season on Showtime in 2017, was a surprise to fans, sure - but it turns out the cast was just as surprised when they heard the news. In a new featurette about the show, Kyle MacLachlan and fellow castmembers both returning and brand new discuss the shock of finding out the show was coming back and the "remarkable" feeling of being in this world.

"Have you heard the rumors about Twin Peaks? They're all true," Miguel Ferrer recalls hearing on a phone call. Actress Kimmy Roberts said in typical Twin Peaks fashion that she had "the strangest feeling."

MacLachlan, meanwhile, said that "there's nothing like revisiting this material. There's a freshness to it, a lightness to it," which is about the closest thing to a real tease about what's coming to the new series that we've gotten. Shrouded in mystery, feelings about the story are only slightly easier to come by than actual story elements.

Other actors teased a "remarkable journey," "spontaneous moments," "surprises," and being put "out of your comfort zone in the best possible way." If that all sounds up your alley, you'll have to check out Showtime to see Twin Peaks new series next year.

This show full of layered mysteries returns after twenty-six years off the air. The return was a surprise, but marks a recent throwback mentality to television - while many shows are seeing reboots and reimaginings (see: MacGyver, Hawaii 5-0 and many others), we're also seeing shows and original casts return to the airwaves after a substantial time off - but nothing quite like a quarter of a century going by between seasons. Still, with the success of Fox's return to The X-Files, more recent series returning for continuation like Prison Break, and the prospect of a Twin Peaks return like this, it seems we have discovered a new trend.

Creator David Lynch returns to the world of Twin Peaks alongside several marquee returning and new cast, but don't expect any of them to tell you what the new series will actually be about. We know it's coming next year, will have an as-yet-undetermined number of episodes - all written by co-creators Lynch and Mark Frost as one massive shooting script - and continues the series, set 25 years after the original. Billed as an event series, Lynch is confident it could also mark an ongoing return, or at least more in the future.

The massive cast of Twin Peaks includes thirty-six returning actors including MacLachlan, Ferrer, Sherilyn Fenn, Ray Wise, Alicia Witt, and many more. Nearly 200 other new characters are being added into what's sure to be a complex and twisting story including recognizable names like David Dastmalchian, Monica Bellucci, Jim Belushi, Josh McDermitt, Sara Paxton, Balthazar Getty, Ashley Judd, and many more.