Twin Peaks Cast Releases Video Calling For David Lynch's Return

twlynchStarting their comments "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is...," the cast of the influential TV series have put together a short video urging Showtime to come to terms with the filmmaker and get him on board to direct the nine-episode revival series as had been planned until a budgetary dispute reportedly blew up the relationship this weekend.

Featuring numerous characters from the series, most of whom have worked with Lynch on other projects before or after, the question of what a Twin Peaks without David Lynch would look like drives the whole video, with the seeming implication being that they can't imagine doing the show without him.

You can check it out below.

Over the weekend, reports started to trickle out that Twin Peaks's planned 2016 revival on Showtime was in trouble, possibly killed by the network. Later, Lynch issued a brief statement saying that due to an inability to strike a deal with the network, he was pulling out of his commitment to direct the nine-episode miniseries, but that Showtime might opt to move forward anyway, particularly since reports have been for some time that the scripts were already completed. 

Instead of going forward without him, though, Showtime issued a statement saying they still hoped to negotiate a deal with Lynch.

Back in mid-March, co-creator David Lynch said that they were still working out a deal with Showtime and production had not started yet. Lynch has reportedly turned in all of the scripts already and was expected to direct a nine-episode miniseries set in the world of the eccentric logging town he introduced to television 25 years ago.

Reports indicated that all of the scripts, written by Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost, had already been submitted to Showtime.


Showtime responded quickly, saying that the show was still on, but seemingly soft-pedaling Lynch's personal involvement as director. Even then, some wondered whether the cast, notoriously faithful to Lynch, would move forward in a revival without his direct involvement or at least consent.

If true, it isn't clear what impact Showtime abandoning the series would have on the planned book from co-creator Mark Frost set in the time between Season Two and Season Three, which was planned for later this year.