Walmart & Target Set To Gain After Toys R Us Closes

You might assume that Amazon would be the biggest beneficiary to Toys "R" Us closing its stores, but new research shows that is actually not the case.

Amazon and online retailers like it have been part of the reason physical retailers have struggled in recent years, but far from the only reason. Toys "R" Us struggled in recent years to adapt to that changing economy and focus, but according to Coresight Research's latest survey (via Forbes), it appears that physical retailers like Walmart and Target will actually have the most to gain here.

Coresight Research surveyed U.S. consumers in regards to where they browse for toys and games and where they actually buy them. For those who shopped at Toys "R" Us in the past year the survey also asked what other retailers they browsed at and bought from, giving them a good indication as to where their money would go without Toys "R" Us in the picture.

It turns out that Toys "R" Shoppers were much more likely than average toy shoppers to also have browsed for toys at Walmart and Target. That number is higher by double digits amongst Toys "R" Us shoppers as compared to the average toy consumer, and those customers are also more apt to shop at local retailers than something like Amazon.

That survey also revealed that those same Toys "R" Us shoppers were more than likely to also have purchased toys from Walmart and Target in the past year. That means without Toys "R" Us they are likely to just opt for Walmart and Target as opposed to going all online with their purchases.


Now, among everyone, Amazon was the most popular retailer for browsing and buying, which makes sense. Still, amongst those who shopped at Toys "R" Us in the last year, Walmart was actually rivaling Amazing for browsing and is the No. 1 retailer other than Toys "R" Us for buying toys.

Amazon will likely also receive a boost in toy and game sales, but this is a good sign for the other big two retailers.