Walt Simonson To Cover Mighty Thor #1

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With interest continuing to build in the upcoming Thor movie, Marvel Comics has big news about the Thor comic book. Marvel has announced that comic book legend Walt Simonson will be doing a variant cover for The Mighty Thor #1. The Mighty Thor #1 is written by Matt Fraction with pencils by Olivier Coipel. In the series, Asgard is threatened by an intergalactic peril, and Thor must go to the edges of the Marvel Universe to save his homeland from the likes of Galactus. It's a showdown that's been labeled as "the World Eater vs. Asgard." With the survival of Asgard resting on the shoulders of Thor, he must find a way to fight back the forces of the power cosmic. The Mighty Thor #1 will actually feature fight different covers. In addition to the Walt Simonson variant cover, there will also be a Olivier Coipel regular cover, Travis Charest variant cover, a blank variant cover, and a Thor movie variant cover. The Mighty Thor #1 is scheduled to go on sale on April 27, 2011.