Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Acting As Smaug

In Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings prequel trilogy, The Hobbit, there was a dragon under the mountain. That dragon was named Smaug and Smaug's voice belonged to Benedict Cumberbatch.

While watching the scaley computer animated beast terrorize Laketown, it may have been easy not to think about what anybody looked like while lending their voice to Smaug. However, now that the trilogy has long since wrapped up and we can look back on it, a video of Benedict Cumberbatch in character, as Smaug, has surfaced.

Not only does Cumberbatch voice the fire-breathing monster but, in fact, also gets in character to bring him to life. See it for yourself in the video below.


Cumberbatch's dedication and ability to become Smaug the Dragon should have everyone excited for Doctor Strange, where he'll play the titular Stephen Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on November 4, 2016.