Website For Wolverine Movie Videogame Launches


As of this writing, the world still has over 109 days until X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens in theaters. But, until then, fans of the nearly indestructible mutant can begin online pre-registration for the video game version. The video game's official website is aptly named, as it promises to focus on Wolverine's escape from the Weapon X project. The site was created and is maintained by the game's creators, Raven Studios and Amaze Entertainment. After the page fully loads, the offical logo for the movie appears. As you pass your cursor over it, a set of cyber-claws slashes the logo, shredding it to pieces. Within seconds, Logan's healing powers take effect, restoring the logo to its former glory. Below the logo is a set of bullets that explore further aspects of the video game. Most of them require fans to register before they can access them. Once registered, visitors can access an exclusive 360 degree screenshot of Wolverine attacking a military helicopter, receive online community updates and exclusive content, and participate in forums pertaining to the movie and video game. Those not wanting to register can access an Electronic Gaming Monthly article about Wolverine: the Game and follow a link to the movie's official website. After that, fans won't have much else to do until the site relaunches sometime in the near future. Creators of the site promise that once the relaunch is complete, it will be complete with "expanded functionality." When that occurs, fans will receive "insider access to the [game's] developer Raven...[participate in] challenges for prizes," and much more. Fans will also be able to edit their personal avatars. Currently, when fans register, they are automatically issued an avatar that resembles Captain America's shield. The Wolverine video game will be released in various formats, including Wii, Xbox, Nintendo DS, PC, and Playstation 3.