We'll Never Get To See These X-Men And Deadpool Disney Infinity Figures

Plenty of people were sad to hear Disney announce that their Infinity game series was going [...]

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Plenty of people were sad to hear Disney announce that their Infinity game series was going bye-bye, and since then, gamers have only gotten more bad news. First, fans were gutted to hear that the franchise's Doctor Strange figure (which highlights Benedict Cumberbatch's striking jawline) would never get to reach production. Things only got worse when the studio's plans to create Moana, Rogue One, Cars III add-ons were scrapped as well. And, now, fans have learned they'll never get their hands on some really awesome X-Men and Deadpool figures.

Created by Hector Moran, the veteran video game artist created several Infinity figures which transformed superheroes such as Rogue, Wolverine, Gambit, and even Deadpool into possible combo-breakers. The characters' designs closely mimic other pre-existing figures with their cartoonish features and blocky outlines. The colorful toys also feature the heroes' iconic costumes, and Deadpool looks particularly P.O.'d as his hands are weighed down by deadly weaponry. Like, just imagine the kind of damage these guys could have done in the series' Toy Box?

Sadly, fans will never find out how these characters would have fared in the Infinity universe. And, even if the franchise was still alive and kicking, there's no way Disney would have made these characters playable in its lucrative game. With Fox securely hanging onto their film rights, Disney would be far more interested in exploiting its Marvel Studios ties and create, say, an Agent Carter figure.

Even though Moran's figures don't work, the artist went ahead and made his Deadpool figure because it looked cool. If he already has a collection of the series' figures, I hope he placed the mouthy merc between Frozen's Elsa and Toy Story's Woody. That would be an fun trio to bump into.

Disney Interactive, of course, shocked gamers earlier this year when they said they'd be discontinuing their Infinity games following a decline in sales. While the game stood as the best-selling series in its genre, Infinity was feeling the pressure from competition as Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions tested well with fans. And, sadly, it also looks like Disney got ahead of themselves and hurt their own profits after they produced too many figures who just didn't sell.

Now, fans can only dream about what could have been if the Infinity series had continued on. Because, in the end, who knows? One day, fans might have seen Professor X or Mystique pop into the studio's interactive franchise. If you want to check out the rest of Moran's Infinity designs, head over to his website!