What Could Roy Be Doing Back On Arrow?


This week, it was revealed that, yes, Colton Haynes will reprise his role as Roy "Arsenal" Harper on an upcoming episode of Arrow.

While my first thought was to wonder how the return from "the dead" of "The Arrow" would play with Captain Lance, another question was inevitably on its heels: What's he doing back?

When Haynes left, he said that he hoped to come back for guest appearances in the future, but there were no firm plans at the time. Some fans didn't believe we'd ever see him again, especially after he rode off into the sunset when Thea tracked him down.

What could bring him back to Star City now?

Well, it sounds like blackmail.

The series just cast Tom Amandes as The Calculator. Here's the official description of the character: "A criminal mastermind and technical genius, The Calculator — aka Noah Kuttler — uses his advanced skills in computer science and internet manipulation to blackmail Roy (Colton Haynes) out of retirement to do his bidding, which leads to an epic battle with Team Arrow."

It seems likely that Roy is being blackmailed by somebody who has figured out who he is, that he's not dead, and that he'd like the world to carry on thinking that he's dead.

...But what if he ends up that way?


Obviously, we've been wondering for weeks now who might be in that casket come the end of the season...and now we've been given a fan-favorite supporting character whose days on the show were thought to be over already. Suddenly, Roy Harper's name skyrocketed to the top of the list of likely candidates for Arrow and The Flash to be mourning.

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