Wheel Of Fortune & Pat Sajak Apologize For Fast & Furious Answer After Paul Walker's Death

Paul Walker Fast & Furious 6

In the wake of Paul Walker's unexpected death, networks and movie studios are struggling to find the appropriate way to move forward. Fast & Furious is a huge movie franchise, and there were a lot of things in motion that now might seem inappropriate. Commercials for the Fast & Furious 6 DVD & Blu-Ray that ran through the weekend drew some outrage on Twitter.

And on Monday night's Wheel of Fortune one of the puzzles had the answer, "The Fast and the Furious." With the show airing just a couple days after Paul Walker's death, some viewers at home were likely surprised by the movie being included in a puzzle.

Host Pat Sajak immediately took to Twitter to apologize to viewers. Sajak wrote, "Feel terrible about timing of "Fast & Furious" puzzle tonight. Taped long ago & went out to 200 local stations days ago."

The official Wheel of Fortune Twitter account also offered up an apology and condolences for Paul Walker's family: "The show that included the puzzle The Fast and The Furious was taped on 10/4/13. It's an unfortunate coincidence that it aired tonight. The hearts of everyone at Wheel of Fortune go out to the family, friends & fans of Paul Walker."

While most viewers probably realized the show was taped well in advance, it was nice of Pat Sajak and Wheel of Fortune to quickly address the issue for those that might have been offended.