Will Gotham TV Series Connect To Batman Vs. Superman Or Arrow?


With more details starting to surface on the Gotham TV series, a big question among fans is if the Gotham TV series will connect to either the Batman Vs. Superman movie or the Arrow TV series.

Arrow and Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti recently said there hadn’t been any conversations about connecting the DC TV Universe and the DC Cinematic Universe. However, the Arrow and Flash TV series do exist in the same universe, as Barry Allen was recently introduced on an episode of Arrow.

However, there are a couple of potential problems with connecting the Gotham TV series with Arrow and Flash. Even though all three TV shows are being produced by Warner Bros. Television, Gotham will air on the FOX network, while Arrow and Flash air on The CW. From a legal and logistics point of view, Gotham crossing over with Arrow would be about as challenging as Spider-Man (whose movie rights are owned by Sony) appearing in The Avengers (whose movie rights are owned by Disney).

Another big hurdle with Gotham TV series is that Arrow is set in the present, while it appears that Gotham will be set twenty to thirty years in the past. In fact, it might actually make more sense for Gotham to connect to the Batman Vs. Superman movie, since it could provide important background on the new Batman as a lead into the Batman Vs. Superman movie.

The most likely scenario for now though appears to be that there will be three different DC live action universes: a FOX Universe, The CW Universe, and the DC Cinematic Universe.