Wolverine Movie Trailer Now In High Definition

For those few hundred million people who didn't go see The Day The Earth Stood Still this weekend, the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie trailer is now online in all its high definition glory. While you can count me among those who just couldn't stomach a Keanu Reeves move even for the chance to see the Wolverine trailer, I did check out some of the Wolverine trailer bootlegs online. Let me just say this, the shaky, poorly filmed bootlegs did not do this trailer justice. I can understand now why movie production companies frown on bootleg trailers. While I'm not quite ready to anoint the Wolverine movie as the next Iron Man movie, it certainly looks like it has that potential. Hugh Jackman looks to have put on some muscle, and its the best he's ever looked as Wolverine. The trailer also shows several action-filled scenes that rival some of the best stunts that you might see in a Mission Impossible or Die Hard movie. In one almost too insane to be believed scene, Wolverine appears to leap from a burning jeep onto a helicopter. Some of my favorite scenes from the trailer show Wolverine interacting with other mutants like Blob and Gambit. In one scene, Wolverine faces off with the Blob in a boxing ring. In another scene, Wolverine tells Gambit that he knows who he is, and then Gambit hits Wolverine with a playing card and sends him hurling through a wall. Check out the standard definition version of the Wolverine trailer above or the high definition version of the Wolverine trailer on MySpace: Trailer Park and let us know what you think.