World Of Warcraft Documentary Released Online

For those still suffering from the post-Blizzcon 14 blues, Blizzard has provided the cure.

The entertainment developer has released the full video to their new documentary, "World of Warcraft: Looking For Group," which premiered at the convention this past weekend. Produced by Asylum Entertainment, the documentary is a celebration and historical look at Blizzard's evolution from a scrappy gaming startup to an entertainment juggernaut.

Featuring the insights from many of Blizzard's top executives and playmakers, the documentary gives a well-rounded perspective on Blizzard's triumphs, struggles, and progression over the years. The video also focuses on the rise of geek culture, and how gamers and WOWers have ascended the ranks of pop culture relevancy and acceptance.

"We only really ever built games to please our selves," Chris Metzen, Blizzard's SVP of Story and Franchise Development, revealed in the video. "I wanted to work on World of Warcraft because I wanted to play in a world like World of Warcraft."

Watch the full documentary below, which explores many more avenues in Blizzard's history and hopes.


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