WWE's Edge Talks About Taking Role on The Flash

The official WWE blog had a chance to sit down with Adam "Edge" Copeland today to talk about his role on The Flash, announced yesterday at ComicBook.com.

The actor talked about his love for comics, what specific characters he likes (The Flash, Green Lantern, Solomon Grundy, The Trickster and Batman), what drew him to the part and -- as one would expect -- the Stardust/Stephen Amell rivalry.

"Well, Flash and The Arrow are in the same DC Comics Universe, so I may battle Stephen Amell on the CW and we all know that a Spear is more powerful than an arrow," said Copeland. "Then again, I've never wrestled Stardust, but I did compete against Cody Rhodes so I think I'd actually have to be ringside to make my pick."

You can see Copeland in the season premiere of The Flash in October on The CW.