X-Files Set Photos Show Off Mulder And Scully's Chairs And A Script


The X-Files creator Chris Carter just joined Instagram recently, but as the new series of the show is getting into production, he's not being shy about using the social media site as a way to promote it.

He isn't the only one teasing online, though; stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson took to Twitter, and each of the three shared a variation on the same thing: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully's seats on the set (and in Duchovny's case a script page that's far too dark and far away to read).

You can check them out below, proof that production is now ongoing.

Day 1. #thexfiles @thexfilesfox

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Duchovny, Anderson and a number of their '90s co-stars are returning for a six-episode miniseries event set in the world of The X-Files. Also joining the cast is Community veteran Joel McHale.


The project will air in January and February 2016 on FOX.