Y: The Last Man TV Series Being Developed at FX

After years in development hell, Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's creator-owned classic Y The Last Man seems poised to take advantage of the current wave of popular comics-to-TV adaptations, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The series, one of the best-selling and most-acclaimed Vertigo titles since Sandman, ran for sixty issues and was already in development for other media before it ended in 2008. Generally, it's been discussed as a feature film or series of feature films, but fans have often said it would work better on television.

Strangely, it comes around at a time when The Last Man on Earth -- a comedy about the last surviving member of humanity from the LEGO Movie creators -- is airing on FX's sister network FOX.

In Y: The Last Man, every mammal with a Y chromosome dies at the same moment, except one young man and his helper monkey. The story ostensibly centered on his journey to find his girlfriend, who was on the other side of the world when tragedy struck, but turned into a dystopian road trip filled with action, espionage, politics and plenty of gendered commentary.


FX didn't respond to THR's request for a comment, so no official details are available, although the article says Vaughan is looking for a writer to develop the series with him. In addition to his comics work, Vaughan has worked on TV series like Lost and Under the Dome.