Yoda Returns In New Star Wars: Rebels Clip


A good day it is, for Yoda fans.

Jedi Master Yoda is heading to Star Wars Rebels, the Disney XD series set just before the events of A New Hope. Voiced by Frank Oz, the original Yoda voice actor himself, the Jedi master will make a brief voice cameo in next week's episode, "Path of the Jedi."

Since Yoda is currently exiled on the planet Degobah, thanks to the events of Revenge of the Sith, he can only contact the series' characters through the powers of the Force. When Kanan faces a moment of personal crisis, Yoda extends his voice across the cosmos and gives the Jedi a much-needed pep-talk. Even when he's just in one's head, Yoda is still one motivating Jedi master. Seeing Yoda would have been awesome, but Frank Oz's distinct vocal cords more than compensates for a visual appearance.

Check out the video below, which IGN ran exclusively this morning.


Yoda returns to the Force on January 4th's episode of Star Wars: Rebels at 9:00 p.m.