Bad Boys 3 Titled Bad Boys for Life; New Release Date Revealed

Bad Boys 3 For Life 2018
(Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Bad Boys 3 is finally happening, and now we know the official title of the film and an updated release date.

Titled Bad Boys for Life, the movie will bring back both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, with director Joe Carnahan (A-Team, The Grey) seemingly taking the helm instead of Michael Bay.

No story details yet confirmed, but rumors have pointed to a scenario where real-time progression (13 years since Bad Boys II) sees Detective Mike Lowrey (Smith) now married with kids, much like his partner Marcus Burnett (Lawrence). Having Lowrey stumbling through parenthood while Marcus is cruising into retirement, kids all raised, is a premise for a lot of classic Bad Boys-style comedy.


We'll keep you updated as more information comes to light - but for now: Bad Boys for Life will be in theaters on January 12, 2018.