Bored to Death Movie in the Works at HBO


Ted Danson revealed to a French journalist over the weekend that it was likely HBO would make a 90-minute Bored to Death movie soon, spinning off from the series they just cancelled last year. The neo-noir show, which revolves around a struggling novelist (played by Jason Schwartzman) who makes extra money by marketing himself as an unlicensed private investigator on Craigslist, was a fan and critical favorite but simply couldn't put up the ratings to compete with what HBO expects in this era of True Blood and Game of Thrones. When contacted to discuss the possibility by Vulture, a spokesman for HBO said that while there have "been some conversations" about the project, "it's at a very early stage." Danson played Schwartzman's friend, editor and pot-addled father figure in the series, which also starred comedian Zach Galifianakis as a comic book artist whose semi-autobiographical superhero series was about a chubby, middle-aged superhero who derived his powers from his comically-oversized penis. The comic itself was drawn by Emmy Award winner and Eisner nominee Dean Haspiel, who also worked with Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames on The Alcoholic, an original graphic novel for Vertigo. The series' final episode aired in November, after which Bored to Death was named one of's top ten cancelled TV series that should continue as comic books. While the final season is not yet available on video, HBO has been buying up "For Your Consideration" advertisements in the trade media, encouraging Emmy voters to consider the series for one final go-'round on the Awards circuit.