Dana Carvey Impersonates Rick Grimes And Hershel From The Walking Dead

Party on, Rick. Party on, Hershel.

It turns out that Wayne's World's Dana Carvey is a big fan of The Walking Dead. As Carvey divulged on a recent episode of Conan O'Brien, he knows the show's characters so well, that he can even impersonate them. Leaping out of his guest chair, Carvey gave a dead-on impersonation of Rick Grimes, grabbing his belt and barking orders in hurried breaths. Rick, Carvey pointed out, always seems to be out of breath.

Carvey went even further, giving a take on one of his favorite characters, Hershel Greene. Carvey admitted that his Hershel sounded a bit like former U.S. President Bill Clinton, whom he also impersonated while on Saturday Night Live.

Check out the video for all of Carvey's impersonations.


What do you think? Does Garth do a believable Rick and Hershel?