Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 5: First Of His Name Recap With Spoilers

Game of Thrones - First of His Name

The episode opens at Tommen's coronation. Following the ceremony, Tommen sits on the Iron Throne for the first time, greeting those who have come to pay him homage. Margaery Tyrell smiles at him, but Cersei Lannister moves to block the view. She then approaches Margaery. Cersei notes that Margaery is still dressed for mourning, for Joffrey. Cersei says she knows what a monster Joffrey was, but that no one loves anything like a mother loves their first child and that things Joffrey did shocked her. She says that Tommen is a good, decent boy, perhaps the first person to sit on the throne in ages who actually deserves it. Though it clearly pains her, she says that Tommen will need help to rule, clearly meaning Margaery, and asks if Margaery is still interested in being queen. They agree to talk to their respective fathers. In Meereen, Daenerys is consulting with Barrister Selmy, Daario Naharis, and Jorah Mormont. They've received news of Joffrey's death. Daario has taken Meereen's navy. They now have ships and an opportunity to try to take King's Landing. Barrister Selmy suggests doing so, but Jorah notes that she is to rule all Westeros, not just King's Landing, and there could be further fighting after taking the capital. Meanwhile, they've received word that a terrible ruler named Cleon has taken control of Astapor and that, without Danerys and the Unsullied there to maintain order, Yunkai had been reclaimed by the Wise Masters. Dany sends the rest of her advisers away to speak with Jorah alone. She's worried that she won't be able to rule the Seven Kingdoms if she can't control the cities of Slaver's Bay. She decides not to sale for Westeros, but to rule in Meereen instead. Littlefinger and Sansa Stark are approaching the Bloody Gate that leads to the Vale of Arryn. Littlefinger tells Sansa to pull up her hood to hide herself. Littlefinger tells the Knight of the Gate that Sansa is his niece, Elaine. Littlefinger is greeted by Robin Arryn, who calls him "Uncle Petyr." Littlefinger presents him with a gift, a statue of a mockingbird (the sigil of House Baelish). Lysa Arryn recognizes and greets Sansa. Robin blurts out a bit about how Sansa's father and brother were killed by the Lannisters. Robin notes that the Lannisters also killed his father, Jon Arryn, and that he wanted make Tyrion "fly" out the Moon Door for it. Lysa sends Sansa and Robin away and kisses Petyr. She is eager to marry Petyr and recounts how she killed Jon Arryn using poisonous drops given to her by Littlefinger. They prepare for the wedding ceremony. Cersei is speaking to Tywin about Tommen marrying Margaery. She says her wedding to Loras will following two weeks later. Tywin notes that they need the Tyrells to keep fighting the war. He notes that the gold mines of the Westerlands have run dry. The kingdom is deeply indebted to the Iron Bank of Braavos and they need to invest the Tyrells in the crown so that they have a reason to help pay the debt off. Arya is reciting the names of those she plans to kill. The Hound tells her to shut up so he can sleep, and he explains why she is saying them. He says if they come across the Mountain, maybe they can both cross a name off of their lists. She says the last name before going to sleep: the Hound. Lysa brings food and drink to Sansa, sharing stories of Catelyn Stark from when they were children. Lysa notes that Petyr brought crates of lemons for Sansa's lemon cakes. Lysa wants to know why Petyr cares so much about Sansa. She begins to rant, jealously, about Petyr's feelings for Catelyn and how she never loved him. She asks Sansa if she's pregnant. Sansa begins to cry and Lysa finally relents. She plans to marry Sansa to Robin, making her the Lady of the Vale. Brienne and Podrick are travelling on the road. Podrick is struggling with his horse. Brienne is trying to convince Pod to turn back or just go anywhere else without her. She doesn't feel the need for a squire, noting that she's not a knight. The Hound awakens to find Arya gone from where she was sleeping. She's is practicing with Needle a little ways off, by the river. The Hound mocks her water dancing. The Hound mocks Syrio Florel's death. Arya pokes into the Hounds armor, but he simply slaps her away. Cersei goes to see Oberyn Martell, who is writing poetry for one of his eight bastard daughters. He notes one of his more difficult daughters is named Elia, after his sister. Cersei notes that they are both powerful but were unable to protect those they love. They agree that they can at least avenge them, clearly trying to influence Oberyn as a judge in Tyrion's trial. She asks after Myrcella, but Oberyn says she's happy. Cersei doesn't believe him. Cersei asks Oberyn to send her a ship as a gift, and to tell he that her mother misses her very much. Podrick is trying to cook a rabbit, but didn't skin it so it catches on fire. He tells Brienne that he's never cooked anything. Brienne begins going to remove her armor and Podrick rushes over to help, but Brienne sends him away. Podrick tells Brienne what he did for Tyrion, mostly cleaning and pouring wine. She asks if he ever did anything combat related and tells her about killing a member of the Kingsguard at the Battle of the Blackwater. She becomes frustrated with the armor and asks for his help with the scraps. Rast is bringing one of Craster's daughters out to the woods. Locke sees him and sneaks into the keep. He finds Bran stark and the others tied up. Jojen Reed wakes up. He tells Bran that he musn't let anyone stop him. Jojen says he's not here, he's far from here. At the hill, with a great Weirwood tree. He says that he, Meera and Hodor are only there to guide Bran, that Bran has to make it and that this isn't the end. Not yet. Meera asks how they'll know when it's the end. Jojen sees a vision of his own hand on fire. Locke returns and reports to Jon Snow about what kind of defenses he saw. He tells them to stay away from the hut with Bran, lying about there being hounds inside. Jon says they move at sundown. Karl comes into the hut with some men who lift and chain Meera. Jojen offers to help Karl, using the Sight. Karl simply asks if he's seen what he and his men are going to do to Meera. Jojen said he saw that Karl would die that night. There's then a calling from outside warning of Jon Snow's attack. Locke moves straight for the hut with Bran and starts "rescuing" him. Bran uses his warg ability to take over Hodor. As Hodor, he then begins breaking free from his chains. Locke runs off, but Hodor catches up with him, lifts him, and breaks his neck. Bran releases Hodor and tells him to get Locke's knife to free everyone. Bran sees Jon fighting in the keep and calls out to him. Jojen comes and reminds him that Jon won't let him go further north to the Three-Eyed Raven if they see each other. Bran tells Hodor to free Summer and then they'll leave. Jon finds Karl in the main hall of the keep. They begin to fight, Jon with Longclaw and Karl with two daggers. Karl gets Jon on the ground, but one of Craster's daughter stabs him in the back. Karl moves to kill the girl, but Jon puts Longclaw through the back of his head. Outside, the Night's Watch are finishing off the mutineers. They find Locke's body, but can't find Rast, the last of the mutineers still living. Rast runs into the haunted wood and hears crows.  He sees the cage where Ghost was kept broken open, and then the direwolf takes him down. Ghost goes to the keep and is reunited with Jon. Jon offers to take Craster's wives to the Wall, but they refuse and say they'll find their own way. With the wives blessing, the Night's Watch burns the keep to the ground.