Macho Man Mod Makes Fallout 4 Players Scream Ohhhhhhh Yeah

(Photo: Fancypants)

A new Fallout 4 mod by modders AronaxAE and Fancypants makes the most dangerous enemies in the game that much more terrifying:

The Deathclaws become Macho Claws, wearing Macho Man Randy Savage's face on the body of the terrifying beasts (and the hat and boots, too).

The mod is of course only for PC gamers, so if you want some more Macho in your life, get thee to a PC. It's not the first time Fancypants has gotten Macho Man all over a Bethesda RPG, either - he did the Macho Dragons mod for Skyrim that does exactly what it sounds like. Check out the video above and see if it's something you would actually like to install and play through the game with. And yes, the player character is modded to look like Hulk Hogan for added effect.

Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaah.