Melissa McBride Couldn't Speak After Reading The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

Carol Negan

The Walking Dead season six finale is going to be a mighty big, nasty pill to swallow.

Several cast and crew members from The Walking Dead have shared their thoughts about The Walking Dead season six finale with us. Tom Payne, Ross Marquand, Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Greg Nicotero and Lennie James all have very consistent answers. The finale is going to blow minds and break hearts.

Now, we've heard from Carol actress Melissa McBride on the matter and it seems like she took it just as well as the rest of them.

"It was so very dark," McBride says about the season six finale's script. "I couldn't say anything after I had finished reading it. I felt like I had dropped into a blackhole."

If the cast members are being taken to a place which to them is as dark as they say, it's hard to imagine hard rough 6x16 will actually be. The Walking Dead is a show which tests and pushes its actors on a weekly basis. For all of them to get consistently shaken up by a script, it must be big.


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