Rob Zombie Reveals Just How Much He Loves Horror

Whether it's based on his musical projects or his horror films, Rob Zombie is closely associated with all things extreme. To celebrate his most recent film, 31, coming to the streaming service Shudder, Zombie sat down with Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman to talk about his favorite films, what led him to his love of horror, and much more.

Unsurprisingly, Zombie chose some of the more twisted options when curating his favorite films available on Shudder. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer stars Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead) as a, well, serial killer, killing his way across Chicago with no real rhyme or reason. Cannibal Holocaust was one of the first faux documentary horror films about a group of filmmakers finding a primitive tribe, and the film's director was so adamant about maintaining the illusion that these events were real, he forced the cast into hiding until he was charged with their murder.

Some of Zombie's picks were a little less extreme, like 1932's White Zombie, which inspired the name of one of his musical projects, and Don Coscarelli's Phantasm, a surreal tale of body-snatching with a killer flying sphere.

Head to Shudder to get a free trial and see Zombie's picks along with his latest film, streaming exclusively on the service.


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