Shrek 5 Being Scripted by Austin Powers Writer

Shrek is one of those animated franchises that started off strong, and miraculously got stronger as a sequel - before sliding down the slopes a third and fourth sequel that offered drastically diminished returns. After Shrek 4 (Shrek Forever After) seemingly put the franchise out to pasture in 2010, few fans were saddened by the loss; but, this is the movie business, so, Shrek 5 is on the schedule to arrive in 2019.

The Hollywood News caught up with Shrek franchise alumnus Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn on the press tour for their new Dreamworks movie Trolls, and part of the discussion was about the future of the Shrek franchise. Mitchell let it be know that, "They've got a pretty good story. It's being written by Michael McCullers who wrote all of the Austin Powers films. He came up with a really great idea that they're exploring."

Dohrn added that the pair are "ready to help tell" more story in the Shrek mythos, and the inclusion of Michael McCullers is probably a nice creative shot in the arm for Austin Power/Shrek star, Mike Myers. However, is there still an audience big enough to care about Shrek, since so many other great animated movies have come out since 2010?

Shrek 5 Writer Michael McCullers
(Photo: Dreamworks)

We'll keep you updated on the status of Shrek 5.