The Walking Dead: Negan And Carl's Relationship Will Be Explored In Season 7

TWD Carl Bat

Negan has finally arrived on The Walking Dead TV series. He made a heck of an impact on season six finale (and someone's skull).

That was only the beginning.

Negan is the biggest villain of The Walking Dead comics. His introduction, which wasn't much different from its adaptation on TV, was only a fraction of a story and character which would be developed into a villain we love to hate and hate to love.

In The Walking Dead comics, Negan develops a relationship with the boy he called "future serial killer," Carl Grimes. Carl's attitude toward Negan has always been one full of hate but Negan treats the young boy with a form of twisted respect.

Following the finale, had the chance to ask The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple if Carl and Negan's relationship would be brought to our television screens next year.

"Yes. A thousand times, yes," Gimple said confidently. "But in a very weird... I'll say this - it may be very, very, very brief but we will absolutely see them have a pretty intense moment. There's gonna be a bit of remixing. There might be another character involved that takes some of it. I'm kind of tripping on some aspects of it that I don't want to reveal but that relationship will be absolutely shown."

Gimple, trying to keep the finale's cliffhanger in tact, went on to say it might not actually be Carl in the scene, though.


"Whether it's with Carl or not, I cannot say," Gimple says. "I absolutely want to explore Negan having that strange respect for someone which I think was the hallmark of that relationship and we'll tell versions of that story."

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October. Expect its trailer to release in July, spawning from San Diego Comic Con.