The Walking Dead Season 4: Daryl & Michonne Attacked In Car

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It sure doesn't look like Michonne is going to have it easy during Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Last month, AMC released a Season 4 sneak preview where Michonne got surrounded by walkers after riding up to the prison on a horse. Now, AMC has released a new sneak preview where Michonne gets surrounded by walkers while taking a drive with Daryl Dixon and Bob Stookey. It appears that Michonne just can't catch a break no matter what mode of transportation she chooses. In the new clip, Bob Stookey asks, "What the hell do we do?" Then, Daryl and Michonne show him what they do. Michonne pulls out her katana and Daryl pulls out his crossbow, and the duo get down to the business of killing zombies. The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres on AMC on Sunday, October 13, 2013.