What Song Lured The Walkers On The Walking Dead?

the-walking-dead-conquer (1)

So what were those flowing jams that the Wolves used to trap the Walkers during the The Walking Dead's Season Five finale?

Well, the song might surprise you. It's called "Love and Mercy," by artist Brian Wilson. So, on top of being ruthless scavengers, it appears the Wolves also have a strong grasp on irony. The song, written by Wilson and released in 1988 on his self-titled solo debut album, earned widespread critical acclaim despite never ranking on any popular music charts. 

Fortunately, the pop song finally gets the mainstream recognition is deserved in the Zombie Apocalypse. But hey, an undead audience is better than no audience, right?

You can listen to the song below. 


The Walking Dead returns for its sixth season this fall on AMC.