WWE Gives Update On James Ellsworth

The WWE may be looking to sign the fans' favorite jobber James Ellsworth.

The higher-ups in the WWE offices have been pushing to sign Ellsworth to a full-time deal, according to PW Insider.

(Photo: WWE)

Ellsworth's merchandise has been selling better than some of the top superstars in the WWE, which has made some heads turn the offices. The internal push to sign the Baltimore native may even result in him being seen on this week's Smackdown.

The WWE and their fans typically like to rally behind an underdog wrestler such as James Ellsworth. While these types of situations don't seem to last long-term, the wrestling organization is looking to capitalize on Ellsworth's current popularity.

Why is Ellsworth so popular? He seems to be the jobber that WWE has needed in their ranks. He looks different. Overall, he looks like he just does not belong anywhere near a WWE ring. However, this is just the type of thing that makes him the underdog that the fans love.

Ellsworth's black t-shirts go for $24.99 a pop, and feature the wrestler making his signature grimace.

One of the moves the WWE may make is to use James Ellsworth to turn Dean Ambrose heel. In an article posted in the Auburn Citizen, writer David Wilcox commented on James Ellsworth and his rise to stardom in the WWE.

"The inexplicably popular Ellsworth could be how Ambrose finally gets there (to heel status)," Wilcox said. "The most tried and true method of turning a guy heel is having him savage a beloved, sympathetic fellow babyface. So delivering one to Ellsworth after losing yet another rematch for Styles' WWE World Championship could swiftly turn the fans against Ambrose."

Not only do the fans love him, but Ellsworth has also made fans out of some of his colleagues in the WWE.

On October 23, the WWE posted a picture of Becky Lynch wearing one of Ellsworth's t-shirts. The photo was posted with the caption: "@realellsworth gained a FIERy new fan in one of this week's BEST @instagram photos! @BeckyLynchWWE @WWEShop."

Most recently, James Ellsworth was one of the guests on an episode of Bischoff on Wrestling, when he talked about his WWE role. To listen to the interview, go here.


Would you like to see the WWE sign James Ellsworth to a full time contract?

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