Power Rangers: Could RPM Favorite Be Returning For 25th Anniversary Episode?

This is the 25th anniversary of the Power Rangers, and we might have just learned of one more Ranger who will be appearing in the reunion episode.

The reunion episode is expected later this season (once Super Ninja Steel returns from hiatus). While nothing official has been announced, there are already some ideas as to who will appear, and That Hashtag Show's recent conversation with Power Rangers RPM's Mike Ginn seems to confirm one more who will appear. Here's how that conversation played out.

"THS: This is the 25 year of Power Rangers. Quite ironic actually, and rumor has it former Rangers are coming back. Have you heard about this?

Mike Ginn: I have heard about it. I heard…

THS: I’ve heard a rumor. Do you want to clear one up for me?

Mike Ginn: What’s the rumor and I’ll see if I want to clear it up.

THS: That Gemma could possibly be coming back this season.

Mike Ginn: Let me tell you that I heard the same rumor and I heard the same rumor from [Unnamed Ranger that is also coming back this season].

THS: Uh huh. So, you’re kind of confirming something.

Mike Ginn: Wait, I’m not gonna… I’m not even with Saban anymore. Yeah, [Unnamed Ranger that is also coming back this season] told me Gemma was going to be in the episode."

Saban Brands has yet to reveal the cast, but having Gemma back for the big episode would definitely be a welcome inclusion. It would be odd to not have Ginn reprising the role of Gem alongside her, however, but there's always a chance he could appear and is just being super secretive.


Gemma was played by Li Ming Hu in the original RPM series and is also known as the Ranger Operator Series Silver Ranger. Gemma is often seen alongside her twin brother Gem, collectively known as the Boom Twins for their love of making things explode (or in this case...go boom). If she does make an appearance in the 25th Anniversary Episode, at least we know there will definitely be some explosions before the credits roll.

Other Rangers that are likely to appear are Ciara Hanna's Gia (Megaforce/Super Megaforce), Jason Faunt's Wes (Time Force), and Jason David Frank's Tommy (Mighty Morphin), but again, none of that has been confirmed yet. We'll keep you posted on any official announcements.