'Power Rangers' Preview Reveals Identity Of HyperForce Red Sentry Defector

HyperForce fans got a special surprise in this week's issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The newest preview of the anticipated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 features a nice callback to the Shattered Grid episodes of Power Rangers HyperForce. For those who didn't get a chance to watch part 2 with Jason David Frank as Lord Drakkon, the episode revealed the presence of a Red Sentry defector in Drakkon's camp, and the preview reveals that person to be none other than Skull.

In the original episode, the Rangers come across two Red Sentries who are holding Colonel Song. One asks for Jack's weapon, and when he slides it over to him the Sentry takes it and shoots the other Red Sentry at point blank range. He releases Song and tells the Rangers to hit him and run, and Chloe quickly obliges.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

As she puts it, she "socks him in the face", and pretty much knocks him out cold after putting him through the front of a truck. You can see the moment play out in the video above around the 1 hour and 18-minute mark.

As we see int his preview, that Sentry is revealed to be Skull, who in the comic manages to clear out the other guards keeping watch over Zack, leader of the Coinless, who was apprehended and is being interrogated by Drakkon's soldiers. He removes his helmet and says "I'm gonna talk a little, you're gonna listen, and when I'm done you're going to realize it was worth Ol' Skull here risking his cover."

We doubt this will be the last we hear from Skull, and seeing Shattered Grid and HyperForce converge in this way has been a thrill for Director of Power Rangers Content for Saban Brands Melissa Flores.

"It's just we're so excited that Kyle was open to coming on the show with us and helping us with those stories," Flores said. "And it's just so cool the way we can actually ... Because there are things that we can't do in the comic books because we're focused on our original Rangers. But you're able to focus two whole episodes on the Coinless World for HyperForce, and actually take it to that darker place because it's been forged by such a dystopian setting was very cool. And to have Kyle help us with it, and then have JDF bring Drakkon to life that way, was just so magical, and I hope this isn't the last time we can do something like that."


Hyperforce starts out in the year 3016 at the Time Force Academy and features a team of Time Force Ranger cadets that must band together to defeat an ancient evil who is messing with the timestream. Under the leadership of their mentor, Jen Scott (Time Force's Erin Cahill), the newly minted Rangers will cross both time and space to complete their mission while running into many familiar eras (and faces) along the way.

Fans are eagerly awaiting word on a HyperForce season 2, but you can help pass the time by picking up Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 in comic stores on May 16.