Meet The Mighty Morphin South Park Power Rangers

It took them awhile, but it seems the Power Rangers finally made it to South Park.Well, at least [...]

It took them awhile, but it seems the Power Rangers finally made it to South Park.

Well, at least in art form. The popular show has yet to build an entire episode around the long-running franchise, but this new art from Simplexcalling shows what the team would look like in the traditional South Park art style. The art itself was created using SP-Studio and features Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Tommy, as well as Bulk and Skull, and each is relatively spot on.

Jason and Skull are especially accurate, and all of the Rangers are sporting their iconic colors. Skull has his checkered handkerchief and spiked bracelets, and Bulk is even rocking his ponytail. Seeing them here really makes you wish the team would find their way into a proper full episode of the skewering show, and hopefully, someday they will.

(Photo: Simplexcalling)

You can view the full team in the image above, and you can check out more creations from Simplexcalling here. You can also create your own on SP-Studio's site here.

Now, just because the Rangers haven't actually appeared in a full episode, there have been a few references to the team during the show's run. At one point Cartman can't contain his want for a set of Mega Man figures. This is, of course, a reference to the Capcom hero Megaman, but in this case, there are green, red, and yellow Mega Man figures, a reference to the multicolored theme of Power Rangers.

The Rangers surfaced again in an episode that involved Internet trolls. The town's Troll community meets in one room, and if you look at one of the troll's computer screens you will see an image of the Black Ranger's helmet.

South Park has already taken on Superheroes in their The Fractured But Whole videogame, as well as Anime in one of the show's more memorable episodes. It only stands to reason they'll get to Power Rangers at some point, and we can't wait to see what they come up with