Power Rangers: Power Morphicon Exclusive Pins Feature Beast Morphers, Zedd, And More

Collectible pins have become all the rage these days, and Power Rangers fans will have a few exclusives to collect at Power Morphicon.

The big Power Rangers convention will feature a variety of exclusives for attendees, including a brand new set of exclusive pins for fans to collect at the show (via Power Rangers NOW). The new pins will heavily feature the upcoming season of the show Power Rangers Beast Morphers, though will also include a smattering of Power Rangers comics, Funko, and Sentai as well.

The pins include the Beast Morphers Red, Yellow, and Blue Range helmets, as well as a pin for each Beast Morpher Ranger's Beast Bot (Red, Yellow, and Blue). There will also be a Gold Ranger Beast Bot and Frog Beast Bot pin to round out the Beast Morphers offerings.

(Photo: Power Rangers NOW)

You can also snag a side view Lord Drakkon helmet pin and a Drakkon Power Coin pin, as well as a pin based on Funko's black and white Megazord POP. There's also a 25th Anniversary Logo pin and a Lord Zedd helmet pin. Other pins include a Japanese Power Morphicon logo pin, a Kakuranger logo pin, and a Kairanger logo pin. Last but not least is a mystery pin that will be given out at a secret location, which will be revealed at a later time.

You can check out the Power Morphicon pins above.

The good news is that every fan who is attending the show will receive one pin at random when they pick up their badge. Those random pins will include the Drakkon Helmet, Beast Morphers Yellow Ranger, Blue Rangers Beast Bot, and Yellow Ranger's Beast Bot.

Other pins will be registration tier specific. Silver memberships will receive the 25th Anniversary logo pin, while Gold memberships will receive the Black Gold Megazord POP pin. Platinum memberships will receive the Frog Beast Bot Pin.

Those who are staying at the official Power Morphicon 6 hotel (Hilton Anaheim) will receive the Lord Drakkon Power Coin pin, while those who attend the Ranger Breakfast event will get the Japanese Power Morphicon logo pin.

You can pick up a Gold Ranger Beast Bot pin at Alyson Sullivan's booth. Sullivan played Taylor the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Wildforce, but you'll want to get there early, as only 100 of these pins were made.

The same goes for the Red Ranger's Beast Bot pin, which will be available at Cora Natural's booth, a health and beauty vendor attending the show.


At the moment it isn't known where Lord Zedd's pin will be sold specifically, but 50% of the proceeds will be given to the Robert Axelrod Benefit drivel.

So which pins do you want to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments, and for more on Power Morphicon you can head here.