Power Rangers Reportedly Bringing Back Original Mighty Morphin' Fan Favorite for Season 30

Power Rangers is reportedly bringing back an original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fan favorite for Season 30 of the series! The franchise will soon be celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and one burning question many fans have had is whether or not the current rights holder, Hasbro, was going to do anything special for such a massive milestone. The franchise has been known to celebrate these milestones in pretty big ways in the past, and with second season of Power Rangers: Dino Fury wrapping its run with Netflix later this year there has been a wonder as to what could be coming next. 

There are still many questions about what to expect from the 30th season of Power Rangers, but now a new report from The Illuminerdi has made this new season all the more exciting if it works out. According to their report, David Yost (who had portrayed Billy Cranston in not only the original Mighty Morphin' seasons, but stuck around for quite a bit longer) will be returning for "at least one episode" in Season 30. Unfortunately there are no details about his role, but their report also asserts that Yost will potentially be one of many returning Power Rangers cast members in the next season. 

(Photo: Hasbro)

Hasbro themselves have yet to reveal their plans for the 30th Anniversary for Power Rangers as a whole, and that includes what to expect from the next season itself. There has yet to be any confirmation about Hasbro's plans for the future of the TV series as a whole as well as there are also plans in place to take the franchise in a whole new direction with a connected universe of TV and feature film projects from eOne Television with Jonathan Entwistle's previously announced film reboot serving as one of the main anchors.

Each of these new Power Rangers projects will be heading to Netflix upon their release, and if Yost is indeed coming back to the series at least in some small capacity then it potentially opens the floodgates for many more. There have been some questions about previous actors possibly returning considering union ties and more changes over the last few years of the franchise's production. On top of what Yost has publicly noted about working with the series in the past, his return would mark a promising new era as well. 

But what do you think? Would you want to see Billy again in the Power Rangers franchise? What would you want to see from Yost's return in the next season? Which other fan favorites would you want to see return? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! 

via The Illuminerdi