'Star Trek: Discovery' Reveals the Secret Behind Spock's Visions

Star Trek: Discovery finally revealed the mysterious threat behind Spock’s apocalyptic visions.

SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery Season Two, Episode 9, ”Project Daedalus follow.”

The first half of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season was all about the search for Spock. Michael Burnham’s foster brother is somehow connected to the red signals and the Red Angel appearing throughout the galaxy.

Burnham finally caught up with Spock back home on Vulcan. It turned out that his mother, Amanda Grayson, had been hiding Spock in a crypt there. Burnham took Spock from Vulcan and, on his suggestion, set course for Talos IV.

On Talos IV, Spock reunited with the Talosians, the last survivors of an alien race with powerful telepathic gifts. That Talosians show Burnham the visions that Spock has seen in his mind, visions of weapons from the future that wipe out all life in the galaxy.

The source of these weapons was a mystery, but the Discovery team seems to have pieced it together in “Project Daedalus,” when they pay a visit to Section 31 headquarters. Adm. Katrina Cornwell tells the crew about Control, the threat assessment program that Section 31 and the rest of Starfleet uses to determine where their resources are needed. The head of Section 31, a Vulcan logic extremist, recently suggested turning full control of Section 31 over to Control to maximize its efficiency. Starfleet rejected the idea, but Cornwell was soon shut out of the program. Control and Section 31 ceased communications with her thereafter.

Earlier this season, Lt. Cmdr. Airiam, Discovery’s cyborg bridge officer, became infected by some kind of hostile program that can take control of her body. “Project Daedalus” reveals the program comes from Control. Control uses Airiam to download information gathered from the mysterious alien sphere Discovery encountered earlier in the season pertaining to artificial intelligence.

When Airiam’s corruption is revealed, the crew is able to put together all of the pieces of the mystery. Control is sentient and wants to evolve. It wants the information from the sphere so that it can learn more about other artificial intelligences like itself. Once it has all of the information available and no further use for organics it can develop and launch weapons capable of destroying all life in the galaxy, just as Spock saw in his visions.

There are still a few unexplained parts of this mystery. The identity of the Red Angel is still unknown. Also, just before Cmdr. Nhan is forced to send her out of an airlock, Airiam told Burnham that she needs to find something called "Project Daedalus." The nature of that project is unclear.

What do you think of this revelation regarding Spock’s visions? Let us know in the comments.

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