Star Trek and Soap Star Marj Dusay Passes Away at 83

Today, the Star Trek community is in mourning as a report has confirmed one of their own has passed away. A report has confirmed Marj Dusay has passed away at age 83. Fans will remember the actress for her prolific soap opera work as well as a stint on Star Trek: The Original Series.

The news came from Dusay's stepdaughter Elizabeth Perine. A post was shared on Facebook honoring the actress' life and legacy. "She was quite a woman and had quite a grand life," Perine shared. "She was deeply loved and will be deeply missed."

For Star Trek fans, they will remember Dusay from her work on a 1968 episode of Star Trek. "Spock's Brain" was the premiere of season three, and it featured Dusay playing a mysterious alien who secretly boarded the Enterprise. It was there she put the bridge crew asleep and examined each one before the gang awoke to Spock with his brain having been surgically removed.

star trek marj dusay
(Photo: CBS )

As the episode goes, the Enterprise chases after the assailant and track her to a desolate planet. They learn the alien who stole Spock's brain is named Kara, and they demand it be returned. It turns out the alien comes from a race where the men and women live separately on a planet, and the latter are dependent on a brain to control their underground terrain. Luckily, Dr. McCoy is able to rig a way to save Spock while keeping the women safe, leaving Kirk and the crew to bid farewell to Kara.

Aside from Star Trek, Dusay has a long resume in television. She has starred in series like The Facts of Life, MacArthur, and more. She was well-known in the daytime television circuit after appearing on shows like Days of Our Lives, All My Children, and The Guiding Light.

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