Star Trek Producer Comments on Possiblity of a Discovery Movie

Star Trek films and television will soon be back under the same roof for the first time in 15 years. In August, Viacom and CBS announced plans to merge into a single company, ViacomCBS. The merger will bring the Star Trek film and television franchises back under the same umbrella for the first time since Viacom and CBS became separate companies in 2005. Alex Kurtzman is the producer in charge of overseeing CBS’s Star Trek television franchise. He spoke to TrekCore about whether the VIacomCBS merger will affect any of his plans. “No, it’s very business-as-usual for us,” Kurtzman said. “It has not impacted our plans at all. We have a slate of shows that’s going to take us easily through the next five years. So that’s the plan looking forward, and if movies come into play then we’ll be ready.”

Another possibility opened up by the merger is that some of these new shows could turn into a film series, as Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation did. Kurtzman also spoke about that potential, commenting on the idea of a Star Trek: Discovery movie by saying, “I think that question, for me, is more, ‘What’s the story that is specific to the big screen, and why would it be better told [as a movie]?’ And to me, that’s a story better told in two hours, or if you’re looking at the model of a lot of serialized movies these days, it maybe a few two-hour movies that tell a larger story… almost like you do with a season of television, but over the course of five years in the theaters. I wouldn’t rule anything out, but I also feel like we have to keep forging new ground, and Discovery is such a great place now that we would have to have a reason that inspires us to want us to take it to the big screen.”

In February, CBS All Access announced that it had renewed Star Trek: Discovery for a third season. Michelle Paradise will join Kurtzman, who co-created the series, as a co-showrunner of the new season. The new season finds the USS Discovery and its crew exploring a new era after time-traveling 930 years into the future.

Would you like to see a Star Trek: Discovery movie? Let us know in the comments. The first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery are streaming now on CBS All Access.

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