Star Trek Gets Epic Drone Light Show You Need to See

Star Trek has always provided a vision for the future, and a new drone light show, which gave fans a spectacular view of the Enterprise from various angles, feels like one. The display gained attention on Twitter on July 2, just days before the annual Independence Day fireworks displays in the United States and their accompanying debates about whether or not fireworks are a responsible idea, given the safety and noise issues they create. And while "drone light show" doesn't exactly sound like a replacement, taking a look at some of the lights as they flare up and then twinkle out of existence, it doesn't seem too farfetched.

The Enterprise clip was actually just one part of a much larger light show put on by Paramount+ Australia, which means you can see a high quality video that includes significantly more than just those couple of minutes. It also includes homages to Top Gun, South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, and other Paramount-branded goodies.

You can see a bit of the light show below.

Star Trek has plenty of shows on Paramount+, but the return of the Enterprise in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has been the one that has the most fans talking this year.

Here's how the streamer described the light show in a press release at the time:

For one night only, Paramount+ partnered with Vivid Sydney 2022 to dazzle audiences with the largest drone and light show ever seen in the Southern Hemisphere. Vivid Sydney is the annual festival of Light, Music and Ideas that will transform Sydney into a fusion of creativity, innovation and technology from Friday, 27 May to Saturday, 18 June.

With the help of SKYMAGIC, Paramount+ transformed the wintery evening sky into a sprawling canvas, as a fleet of 600 perfectly choreographed LED-equipped drones shape shifted and synchronized into enormous 3D images and sequences, illustrating some of the premier streaming service's most iconic stars and scenes.


Illuminating the Sydney skyline, the drones painted quintessential scenes and objects including a Mission Impossible countdown clock, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' U.S.S Enterprise, SpongeBob SquarePants, HALO's Master Chief and Cortana's voiceover, PAW Patrol's Chase, Top Gun's fighter jet, South Park's orange-clad Kenny, and the brand-new logo for the highly anticipated, crime-fighting local production, NCIS: Sydney.