Star Trek: Picard: Four Cast Members Exit Ahead of Final Season

Several Star Trek: Picard cast members have said goodbye to the series following Thursday's second season finale. Alison Pill previously stated she is not involved in the show's third and final season. Similarly, her co-stars Santiago Cabrera, Isa Briones, and Evan Evagora each posted to their respective Instagram accounts to confirm that their time on Star Trek: Picard is over. While the exits are unexpected for fans, the show would have been pretty crowded in its final season with these cast members and The Next Generation cast returning for more than cameos. However, Jeri Ryan will return as Seven of Nine in the final season, as will Michelle Hurd return as Raffi Musiker.

It seems that Orla Brady may also be exiting the series ahead of its final season, a surprising turn since Picard's Season Two finale concluded with what seemed like Jean-Luc Picard and Laris beginning a romantic relationship. While she hasn't stated this outright, she did post a photo saying she was taking off her Romulan ears when Picard's second season wrapped filming. Considering seasons two and three were filmed back-to-back, it would be an odd thing to post if she were sticking around for the ending. She also posted photos from Ireland while Picard's third season was filming in California.

Cabrera's exit is the most obvious. His character, Cristobal Rios, stayed behind in the 21st century when the rest of the cast returned to the 25th century. On Instagram, he writes, "Season Finale of #startrekpicard drops today. It's been a hell of a ride, hope you enjoy."

Evagora had a limited role in Picard's second season since his character, Elnor, died in the second episode. Despite being resurrected in the finale, he confirmed that he's not involved in the final season of the show. "I won't be back for the third season of Picard, so to quote a mediocre band "thanks for the memories" y'all know the rest! LLAP," he writes on Instagram.

Briones played Soji in the first season of Picard, but spent most of the second season playing a different character, Kore, who ended up involved in a major The Next Generation character's surprise return. It seems Picard's second season is the end of both Soji's and Kore's stories. "Very thankful for every part of this experience🖖🏼," she writes on Instagram. "Thanks for watching, friends. Farewell Soji, this orchid is for you."


Star Trek: Picard's first two seasons are now streaming on Paramount+. Filming of the final season has already wrapped.